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July 30th at 7AM and 12PM CST
OT cyber-related threats are growing rapidly, and real-time asset visibility across OT environments is essential when safeguarding your organization’s OT systems. To protect sensitive environments and at-risk assets, industrial organizations need comprehensive data in order to go beyond traditional assessments and asset identification for true OT systems management.
Leveraging contextual data points at an asset level provides unparalleled insight for prioritized security efforts, and lays the foundation for a tailored roadmap with your future-state OT cybersecurity program in mind.
Join us for a live webinar on July 30th (7AM and 12PM CT) where Verve’s VP Solutions, Rick Kaun and Rockwell Automation’s Cyber Technology Consultant, Natalie Kalinowski will discuss:
  • Key challenges when achieving asset visibility across OT environments
  • Best practices for maintaining and managing a robust OT asset inventory
  • Benefits of creating a personalized OT security roadmap to successfully ensure the reliability and security of your organization’s OT/ICS cybersecurity systems

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