Part 1: How to Get Your OT Security Program (Back) on Track

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A large number of OT security programs have difficulty getting off the ground or become stuck part of the way through the effort due to lack of buy-in, clarity of goals, appropriate sequencing, resources, etc. I this webinar, we will share learnings from our 15 years of experience of how to get your OT security program off on the right foot…or back on track if it has stalled.


  • Determine where your company is in its OT cybersecurity journey
  • Identify key enablers to accelerate progress
  • Developing a business case to ensure accelerated progress

Watch the full on-demand recording here.

Part 2: Demonstrating Progress to Gain Momentum in your OT Cyber Program

[October 19, 2023 at 7am & 12pm CDT)

This webinar will provide guidance and strategies to accelerate your progress in achieving greater OT cyber protection. Regardless of where you are in the journey, we’ll show you how to make progress by building the essential components of a robust cybersecurity program – and incorporating ways to overcome internal challenges (as discussed in our 1st webinar) to avoid inaction.


  • Assess the biggest gaps and risk in order to determine priority
  • Jump-start with demonstrable impact to gain momentum and greater buy-in
  • Define overall roadmap for long term success


Part 3: Ensuring Sustainability in Your OT Security Program

[November 30, 2023 at 7am & 12pm CST]

Many programs lose momentum after a few months as the challenges of resourcing, operations, etc. arise. Join us to learn how to sustain momentum on your journey to propel each initiative forward and ensure goals, actions, and results remain aligned to your core objectives outlined in our first webinar.


  • Understand how to make incremental steps towards progress
  • Maintaining both quantitative and qualitative measurements to assess business impact
  • Strategies for continuous improvement and optimization of OT security best practices