Managed System & Security Monitoring

One of the core elements of a robust cybersecurity – or operational reliability – program is to monitor end points and networks to detect potential threats, whether they be attackers or potential emerging reliability issues.    In many cases, companies do not have the skills or capacity of OT cybersecurity internal to their organizations.  The Security Operations Center (SOC) set up for IT monitoring often does not have the experience with industrial controls to both analyze the threats as well as respond in a way that is operationally safe.

Verve provides an integrated product & service offering to integrate holistic system and security monitoring for OT environments.  This solution includes:

  • Ability to generate and gather logs, settings, behavior, network connections, and operating performance
  • Integration of existing tool sets to leverage prior software investments and increase ROI
  • Machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities to monitor for anomalous events
  • An experienced team of ICS engineers to remotely monitor system output and alerts and to provide rapid response to potential operational or security risks