25 Years’ of Proven Success

Example Use Cases

  • Turnkey Compliance Management

    NIST 800, NERC-CIP, ISA99, IEC 62443, ISO27001, CIS CSC20 and other specific industry requirements offer both a wealth of great recommendations, but can also pose a challenge to first achieve and then maintain those standards.  Verve provides a turnkey software & services solution to help customers define the right standard, achieve compliance, and simplify the compliance management, maintenance and reporting required.

  • Rapid Assessment & Roadmap

    Most cyber maturity journeys begin with an initial assessment. Verve’s combination of software and experience-based services enables a much richer and more rapid initial assessment, as well as the ability to regular review that assessment as vulnerabilities, users, and network connections change using our platform.

  • Network Design, Segmentation & Monitoring

    A robust and segmented network is a fundamental requirement for ICS cybersecurity.  Read here how we worked with a large utility to not only segment their internal network safely, securely and with zero downtime but how they have now leveraged that infrastructure to support corporate insights into production levels, security status and compliance reporting.

  • Managed Security Services

    The lack of OT cybersecurity skills means clients need to find ways of leveraging scale.  Verve provides managed security services to reduce the complexity and cost of system and security monitoring.

  • IT/OT Configuration Change Management

    25 years’ experience on all types of OT equipment allows Verve to manage configuration of embedded devices – controllers, PLCs, relays, industrial firewalls, SCADA comms equipment – as well as all of the OS-based workstations and servers.