Protecting Industrial Control Systems: An Integrated Approach

Technical white paper

Through our work with critical infrastructure operators we have studied a significant number of security solutions offered to meet both the minimum regulatory requirements as well as the more stringent security requirements of industry leading companies. Our findings are not unsurprising, but unfortunately we did not find a solution that was comprehensive or offered the defense-in-depth strategy necessary for adequate protection.

The purpose of this white paper is to present a novel cyber security framework for deploying and managing best-in-breed cyber threat management products across multiple OEM vendors.

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Sonny Garg Joins Rkneal’s Board of Directors

Rkneal, LLC, a global leader in industrial control system (ICS) cyber security, today announced the appointment of Sunil (Sonny) Garg to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Sonny recently joined Uptake, an advanced industrial analytics company, to lead the energy solutions team. Prior to Uptake, Sonny spent 13 years at Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 125 company, in a variety of senior executive positions. Most recently, he was Chief Information and Innovation Officer (CIIO).

“We are thrilled to have Sonny join our Board of Directors,” said John Livingston, CEO at Rkneal. “His deep understanding of the unique ICS challenges facing both comprehensive cyber security and compliance, will help us continue to innovate in ways that strengthen and simplify the security of our customers.”

Rkneal’s flagship product, the Verve Security Center, is an inclusive platform that manages all of the critical elements of cyber security within an ICS environment. Its distinctive cross-vendor capability allows operation technology (OT) leaders to significantly reduce the costs and complexity of managing enterprise cyber defense from a single console.

“I am excited to help advise the Rkneal team as they continue to perfect their market leading solution,” said Garg. “As CIIO, I came in contact with numerous vendors offering cyber security solutions, but Verve is the first product that truly integrates best-of-breed technologies in a way that is both tailored to ICS environments as well as provides leading cyber protection.”


About Rkneal

Rkneal is a world-class engineering firm specializing in ICS systems, cyber security and technical services. Rkneal reinvented the ICS cyber security industry by fusing information technology (IT) with operation technology (OT) through the Verve Security Center. Verve version 4.0 is scheduled for release in late 2016. For more information, please visit us at, or follow us on LinkedIn.


Rkneal Announces Strategic Investment By Connected Sensor Solutions

Partnership to Accelerate Growth Initiatives Across Industrial Control System and Cyber Security Business

Rkneal, Inc., a leader in industrial control systems (ICS) and cyber security and Connected Sensor Solutions LLC, a strategic investment and consulting firm advancing the next generation of industrial intelligence, today announced that Connected Sensor Solutions has made a strategic investment in Rkneal.

As part of the investment, Rkneal will continue to provide best-of-breed security solutions through their flagship product, the Verve Security Center, and continue to be a customer-driven engineering firm focusing on ICS and design. Over the past five years, Rkneal has experienced tremendous growth in the cyber security industry, due in large part to their primary focus on ICS in critical infrastructure sectors.

The Verve Security Center is currently being used by a number of Fortune 500 companies at an enterprise level to protect their ICS systems and provide NERC CIP automation. This effort will continue to accelerate as ICS security becomes an even larger priority for global companies.

“We believe that Rkneal is a highly attractive long-term investment opportunity,” said John Livingston, CEO at Connected Sensor Solutions. “They bring over 20 years of control system experience to the cyber security space. This allows them to address the unique differences between traditional IT environments and ICS environments. Furthermore, we firmly believe that Verve’s capability to support multiple ICS platforms, use of best-of-breed products, and innovation to make the security and regulatory processes simpler, and more user-friendly, is critical to deliver the security we all require.”

“Our focus has always been on customer service and regardless of our internal growth initiatives, customer service will always remain our number one priority,” said Robert Bevis, Director of the Cyber Security Business Unit at Rkneal. “We have an exciting future, and we look forward to making Rkneal the most recognizable name in ICS protection. Very few firms have the ability to be subject matter experts in both control systems and provide effective security solutions. It is usually one or the other, and most approach security from an IT perspective.”

The Verve Security Center is a vendor agnostic security suite that consolidates antivirus, application whitelisting, change & configuration management, security information & event management (SIEM), patch management, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, backup management, compliance, workflow and document management into a unified solution. As new technology is released, Verve can easily integrate these new capabilities into our core product without rewriting underlying applications. This ultimately ensures that our customers have the latest security technologies.


About Rkneal

Rkneal is a world-class engineering firm specializing in industrial control systems (ICS), cyber security, and technical services. Our extensive ICS background led to the creation of the Verve Security Center – that works across the heterogeneous control system environment and supports multiple DCS, PLC and SCADA platforms in a single solution. The Verve Security Center has been protecting Fortune 500 companies for the past ten years. For more information, please email us at, visit us at, or follow us on LinkedIn.

Rkneal was represented by Adviseco, LLC, Scarsdale, New York. Contact: or (917) 543-6251.

About Connected Sensor Solutions

Connected Sensor Solutions is focused on investing and supporting companies innovating the next generation of industrial technologies.  The firm brings capital and capabilities to help accelerate the growth of promising technology companies.