We Are Hiring

Rkneal is currently seeking an experienced Controls Engineer in the Cincinnati, OH area. The selected candidate will be responsible for the design, development, start-up and commissioning of new programmable logic controller (PLC) systems. The Controls Engineer will also be responsible for testing, troubleshooting and modifying existing control systems. Previous experience with distributed control systems (DCS) is a huge plus. This individual must be able to effectively interact with clients, vendors and other Rkneal personnel. Knowledge of power plant processes, control systems and instrumentation is preferred.

For more information, please visit our Careers page or email your updated resume to resumes@rkneal.com


What Specific NERC CIP Standards Does The Verve Security Center Apply To?

Verve recently developed a new brochure to highlight what specific NERC CIP version 5 standards the Verve Security Center applies to. The Verve Security Center is a centralized security suite that consolidates multiple best of breed technologies into a unified management console.  We understand the unique differences between traditional IT environments and industrial control systems (ICS) because of our extensive ICS background. For the past 22 years, Verve and its predecessor, Rkneal,  have been focusing on turnkey DCS, PLC and SCADA upgrades within the utilities industry. In fact, the power industry represents 90% of our business.

Verve helps automate many of the requirements associated with CIP 005, 007, 009 and 010. It also provides several layers of evidence gathering. For more information, please download our NERC CIP Mapping brochure.