How Is The Verve Security Center Different?

There are a number of cyber security products currently on the market that specialize in change management, asset management and vulnerability assessments. But when it comes to executing and deploying actions (i.e. patching, antivirus scans, backups, etc.) from a single, unified console – these products are quite limiting. As a quick refresher, the Verve Security Center is a centralized security suite that consolidates multiple technologies into a single solution. These technologies include:

  • Antivirus
  • Application Whitelisting
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Change & Configuration Management
  • Patching
  • Backup Management
  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Compliance

Execute Actions From A Single, Unified Console

Regardless of whether you want to deploy patches, capture a full-image backup, execute an antivirus scan, install agents or run a vulnerability assessment, these actions are all done in the same consistent manner – using a single interface. From a customer perspective, the Verve Management Console is the real power behind the Verve Security Center because it provides a level of simplicity and flexibility not seen in other products.

“Our customers demand a product that is easy to setup and maintain,” says Adam Brewer, Director of Business Development. “This is especially true if the customer wants to standardize their fleet. The Verve Management Console provides users with a single location to not only execute actions, but also gather evidence and generate reports. In addition, it allows our customers to automate many of the processes associated with compliance.”

Vendor Agnostic

As systems integrators, nearly all of the facilities we walk into do not have the luxury of a single DCS or PLC system. Instead, multiple controls platforms are present. We made certain the Verve Security Center was vendor agnostic and able to support multiple DCS, PLC and SCADA platforms. In fact, Verve is currently protecting a power generation facility where eight different control systems are present.

Geared Specifically Toward Control Systems

Verve was founded as Rkneal, an industrial engineering firm, over 20 years ago.  ICS is was what our company was founded on over two decades ago – and this area of expertise remains our core business today. When designing and developing the Verve Security Center, one of our guiding principles was to never impact or disrupt the operations environment. This forced us to take into account CPU usage, scalability and ensuring the technologies we leverage never automatically reboot endpoints. It also allows us to setup vendor profiles based on our controls experience – we know what ports and services are required for each control system and can use predefined templates – saving our customers precious time.

For more information on the Verve Security Center or to schedule a product demo, please contact us.