Defining Best Of Breed Technology

Over the past couple of years cyber security has become a familiar term to most Americans. It seems like almost every week we hear about another data breach. Whether its banking institutions or retailers, one thing is for sure – cyber security isn’t going away. In fact, the cyber security industry is estimated to grow from $95 billion in 2014 to $155 billion by 2019.

As companies rush into this space, product features and terms often leave customers with more questions than answers. Rkneal is first and foremost an engineering firm specializing in industrial control systems (ICS). We naturally transitioned into cyber security back in 2006 when we were asked to conduct our first ICS network security assessment. And since almost all of our customers are in the critical infrastructure power sector, we quickly had to become familiar with the impact of NERC CIP standards.

Unfortunately, nine years later there is still a lot of confusion regarding industry best practices. We still spend a lot of time focusing on education, especially addressing the issue of whether or not one product can bring an entire organization into NERC CIP compliance.

This brings us to the topic at hand. When Rkneal first began designing and developing our own cyber security product called the Verve Security Center, we weighed heavily the options of developing our own proprietary technologies (patching, vulnerability assessments, change management, etc.) vs. using a hybrid approach that utilized best of breed products.

After extensive research and product review, we came to the conclusion that we would never be able to develop better products than those that have spent millions (if not hundreds of millions) perfecting theirs. In essence, we felt a more practical approach was to select the best technology software products from each category (antivirus, application whitelisting, SIEM, etc.).

But what does best of breed technology really mean?

In its simplest form, this means the best product of its type. Just because an antivirus vendor is really good at developing antivirus software, it doesn’t mean they will be good at developing other technologies such as application whitelisting. This might not be a sector they are even interested in.

From our perspective, utilizing best of breed technologies gives us incredible flexibility and scalability. We can often offer our customers the top products for any given category, while easily integrating them into Verve. In many cases, it also gives us the ability to integrate with our customers current infrastructure. And as better technologies are developed and released, it gives us the ability to easily incorporate them into Verve.

To learn more about the Verve Security Center, please contact Rkneal to find out more information or to schedule a product demonstration.